Back Squats and Accessory Moves

Back squats work the posterior chain, aka, the back side of your body. This is the go-to for anyone who wants a booty and a strong lower back. The barbell rests on your shoulders, behind your neck. Your hands support it loosely.

If you’re a back squat beginner, slowly add weight. Start with the empty barbell (45 lbs). Then do reps with 45 – 55 – then 65 lbs. As the weights get heavier, you do fewer reps. Your one-rep max is the most you can lift ONE TIME. This is often a PR, or personal record. Keep adding weight as you get stronger, (i.e. next time do 55-65-75 then 65-75-85) and pretty soon your hamstrings will be popping out and turning heads.

Back Squat Primer
First, set your feet, slightly wider than hip width.
Then set your gaze. Eyes should be looking at a spot about 10 feet in front of you.
Set your intention. Give yourself a pep talk: “You got this, bitch. Easy peasy.”

Cues I use for the back squat:
1. Chest up
2. Tight core
3. Butt back – get that hip hinge action
4. Explode up. Drive through the heels. Knees out. (Don’t let them buckle towards each other.)

Accessory moves for the posterior chain:

Bird dogs – static holds or slowly alternating


Romanian Deadlifts

Single-leg Romanian Deadlifts


Good mornings

Jumping squats – weighted or not

Frog jumps

Barbell hip thrusts