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Sweet 16 WOD: Upper Body

I’m not the best at upper body day, but to be honest, I don’t see many ladies doing bench press at all, so I have no standard of reference for that. The other day, while I was lifting 85 lbs, the personal trainer in my gym commented on how heavy it was. But I felt like it wasn’t much at all compared… Read more →

Chest Day: Introducing Landmines

It’s easy to feel like a Bonafide Bro on bench press day. Add some dumbbell curls, look at yourself in the mirror, slap yourself on the traps and call it a workout. But sometimes a girl gets tired of dumbbells, and that’s when it’s time to step into a corner and shake up your upper body day with some landmines. Landmines look like this. Some gyms have… Read more →

Bench Press and Mens Health Inspiration

Today’s workout incorporated some new moves I saw on a Men’s Health video. I’m kind of terrible at upper body moves. Derby is so lower body specific, that I feel like a silly T-rex when I’m creating workouts for the arms. I need all the inspiration I can get. So, of course, I bookmarked this video immediately: Today, I incorporated the ballistic… Read more →

Bench, Please! It’s Chest Day

Why do bench press? I was reluctant for awhile, because my focus has traditionally been on compound lifts, like Olympic lifts, which recruit as many muscles as possible. Bench press seemed so pec-specific, so I wrote it off. But now that I’ve put them in regular rotation, I’m becoming a fan. Mostly, I like how bench press helps me feel stronger when I’m working… Read more →