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Front Squat and WOD

Difficulty rating: 7* WOD is designed to build balance, agility and explosiveness. I like the thrusters in the WOD because it reinforces the strength move of the front squat. But it’s an all-over, compound move that’s basically a front squat to an overhead press. And it’s haaaaaaard.   warmup: 10 overhead walking lunges forward (25 lb plate) 20 bear crawls forward… Read more →

Back Squats + Burpees

Here’s a promise I make to you: I will never create a WOD and post it without trying it first. Sometimes I think of an idea, get overly excited and optimistic, and want to share it right away. But I’ll always field test workouts before I put them here, just in case they’re accidentally soul-crushing. Though my workouts draw heavily from Crossfit, I like to put… Read more →

Back Squats then HIIT the legs

Today was back squats. If you don’t know how to do a back squat, watch here or read my back squat primer. Back squats strengthen the posterior chain — including your back and hamstrings. They add some core stability, and when done correctly, can increase flexibility. It’s easier to add more weight to a back squat, when compared to a front squat, so you… Read more →