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Easy Leg Day Sequence

Difficulty Level: 4 Some days you need to take it easy. Some days are for skill. Sometimes you have an injury and don’t want to pile a bunch of weight on the bar. This day is for you. The focus here is on Romanian Deadlifts, single leg RDLs and good mornings, in an effort to target the posterior chain. These moves… Read more →

Front Squat and WOD

Difficulty rating: 7* WOD is designed to build balance, agility and explosiveness. I like the thrusters in the WOD because it reinforces the strength move of the front squat. But it’s an all-over, compound move that’s basically a front squat to an overhead press. And it’s haaaaaaard.   warmup: 10 overhead walking lunges forward (25 lb plate) 20 bear crawls forward… Read more →

Back Squats + Burpees

Here’s a promise I make to you: I will never create a WOD and post it without trying it first. Sometimes I think of an idea, get overly excited and optimistic, and want to share it right away. But I’ll always field test workouts before I put them here, just in case they’re accidentally soul-crushing. Though my workouts draw heavily from Crossfit, I like to put… Read more →

The Best Days are Deadlift Days

Deadlift days are the best days. Deadlifts make you feel like a boss faster than any other exercise because once you get the hang of it, you can add weight relatively quickly. I once read that deadlifts were originally called the “health lift” because they’re all-around good for you. If you’re new to this lift, read my Deadlift primer. A generally accepted… Read more →

Back Squats then HIIT the legs

Today was back squats. If you don’t know how to do a back squat, watch here or read my back squat primer. Back squats strengthen the posterior chain — including your back and hamstrings. They add some core stability, and when done correctly, can increase flexibility. It’s easier to add more weight to a back squat, when compared to a front squat, so you… Read more →