Easy Leg Day Sequence

Difficulty Level: 4
Some days you need to take it easy. Some days are for skill. Sometimes you have an injury and don’t want to pile a bunch of weight on the bar. This day is for you. The focus here is on Romanian Deadlifts, single leg RDLs and good mornings, in an effort to target the posterior chain. These moves work on balance, stability and strength.

Romanian Deadlifts: An RDL is different from a standard deadlift because you start standing with the bar in your hands. Done correctly, you will feel the RDL in your hamstrings. Turn sideways and look into a mirror to make sure your back is not rounding. Another cue is to pinch your shoulder blades together as you push your butt backwards and slowly lower your chest, keeping your arms straight. Once the bar reaches your knee or mid-calf, you will probably hear your hamstrings talking. Stand back up the same way you went down. That’s one rep.

Single-leg RDL: This is the same motion as the RDL, except you’re standing on one leg. To increase difficulty, hold a dumbbell in one hand, and to make it even harder than that, reach your non-weighted hand up over your head. Hinge forward, keeping your arm in line with your chest. I don’t know why the arm out makes it so much harder, but it does! Focus on your standing leg and the hip hinge. The motion is similar to sitting back on a chair, but don’t dip your butt so low. It’s not about how high you can lift your back leg. It’s more about the hip hinge.

Good mornings: For this move, it’s not the time to add a bunch of weight. For me, I think of it as half core, half hamstring. Putting the weight up on your neck will recruit stabilizers in your midback and abdominals do the work, and also your hamstrings, so you’ll want to start light on this. Maybe 20 lbs. and if that feels OK, try 30 lbs next time. I haven’t gone over 50 lbs on this move. I might in the future, but I’m not there right now.

So, that’s the workout.


2 walking laps
10 total bird dogs – slow
10 clam legs
4 spidermans


Strength: Hamstrings
Perform 2 to 3 rounds

10 each single leg RDLs  – 20 lbs
10 good mornings – 20 to 30 lbs
10 Romanian Deadlifts – 40 – 50 lbs


WOD: 3 rounds*
10 jumping squats – not weighted
10 bench step ups (or box jumps)
10 slide lunges – on a hand towel or paper towl
time: 5:45

* add a fourth if you’re feeling frisky


treadmill: 5 rounds (10 mins)
30 second sprints
10 skater jumps (reduce treadmill speed, hop off for jumps)
walk until next minute


core: 3 rounds
30 sec side planks
10 V-ups
10 hip bridges

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