Front Squat and WOD

Difficulty rating: 7*
WOD is designed to build balance, agility and explosiveness.
I like the thrusters in the WOD because it reinforces the strength move of the front squat. But it’s an all-over, compound move that’s basically a front squat to an overhead press. And it’s haaaaaaard.


10 overhead walking lunges forward (25 lb plate)
20 bear crawls forward and back
10-15 air squats, focus on good form


I’m wanting to add strength right now. So, I worked my way up to a heavy set – 135 lbs, then used additional reps to work my way back down the lift ladder. It looked like this:
95 x 5  – lighter warm-up set, get form reminders
115 x 3
135 x 1
115 x 3
95 x 5


16 (total) split squat jumps: get in a split squat stance, but instead of standing straight up, hop up, drawing the power from your front leg.
12 (total) squat to overhead twist – 25 lb dumbbell
8 (total) dumbbell snatches – 25 lbs
6 thrusters – 45 lbs
time: 14:22
Note: My best time for this WOD was 12:20 but I was having an off day.


Core: 3 rounds
10 deadbugs
10 hip bridges
5 (each) side planks with leg raise

Bonus: 10 plank leg slides. (start in plank, put your feet on a towel, bend knees, slide both feet in towards your chest.)


*Difficulty rating key:
1 being a leisurely stroll
10 being “No, you go ahead…. leave me… save yourself…”

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