Front Squats and Accessory Moves

Front squats work the anterior chain, aka, the front side of your body. Quads and abs is where it’s at. The barbell rests on your collar bones, in front of your neck. Your arms support it, elbows high.

Generally speaking, you won’t be able to front squat as much as you can back squat. It simply takes more energy to hold the bar in front of you.

If you’re a front squat beginner, slowly add weight. Start with the empty barbell (45 lbs). Then do reps with 45 – 55 – then 65 lbs. As the weights get heavier, you do fewer reps. Your one-rep max is the most you can lift ONE TIME. This is often a PR, or personal record. Keep adding weight as you get stronger, (i.e. next time do 55-65-75 then 65-75-85) and pretty soon your sexy quad flex will make all your friends jealous.

Front Squat Primer
First, set your feet, slightly wider than hip width.
Then set your gaze. Eyes should be looking at a spot about 10 feet in front of you.
Give yourself a pep talk: “You may have 99 problems, but being a bitch ain’t one.”

Cues I use for the front squat:
1. Elbows up
2. Tight core
3. Butt back – get that hip hinge action
4. Explode up. Drive through the heels. Knees out. (Don’t let them buckle in.)

Accessory moves for the anterior chain:

ALL THE LUNGES – weighted, jumping, walking, side, front, reverse, torso twist, glitter and sprinkles, etc.

Split squats

Goblet squats



Box jumps

Wind sprints