Overhead Squats Give You Superpowers

Today ended up being a win all around. I set  PR on back squats. Then, I crushed an AMRAP that I do every six months or so to check my conditioning. It’s become something of a benchmark WOD for me, mostly because I have major feels for overhead squats.

Overhead squats are challenging. They are SO MUCH harder than they look. Basically, press the bar overhead, keep it there, and then squat. This motion takes control and stability and power. Core, legs, shoulders — everyone is invited to this party. In terms of overall muscle recruitment, I think it’s up there with thrusters and snatches. However, it’s less explosive and less taxing than those two lifts. To properly execute this lift, you’ll need oodles of shoulder flexibility. For those who think their shoulders might be an issue, here’s a helpful video from the Crossfit team.



I might be particularly suited to the overhead squat because my elbows seem to be double-jointed. I dunno. Either way, I’ve steadily improved at this WOD over the past year. This time around I added an extra 5 lbs to the bar and performed an additional round, finishing with 15 seconds to spare. I highly recommend it. Next time I’m shooting for 7 rounds.


16 overhead walking lunges (8 forward 8 back) – 10 lbs
20 total fire hydrants
20 total clam legs
10 goblet squats, hold at the bottom


45 x 5
95 x 5
115 x 5
135 x 5
155 x 2 <– this was a PR!
165 – attempted, needed spotter


7 overhead squats – 65 lbs
14 lateral, over-the-bar jumps

(cash out: 6 deadmills*)


5 pushup to side plank to flying plank
20 single-leg V-ups
4 hip bridges with leg sweep and press


*deadmills are sort of like hill sprints, except they’re performed on a treadmill while it’s off. I do 10-12 quick steps, focus on core and getting the treadmill moving, and then rest. It’s good for derby, especially if you’re a jammer because it closely mimics the motion of driving a pack of blockers forward.



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