Chest Day: Introducing Landmines

It’s easy to feel like a Bonafide Bro on bench press day. Add some dumbbell curls, look at yourself in the mirror, slap yourself on the traps and call it a workout. But sometimes a girl gets tired of dumbbells, and that’s when it’s time to step into a corner and shake up your upper body day with some landmines. Landmines look like this. Some gyms have… Read more →

StrideBooster Program Review: Week One

“Build next-level explosive power, quickness and agility in six weeks, with targeted, advanced training for competitive athletes. StrideBooster combines strength training with plyometrics and agility workouts, in a carefully designed progression that will allow you to build from one week to the next, while also practicing on skates — but without overtraining.” This is the promise made by the StrideBooster… Read more →

Bench Press and Mens Health Inspiration

Today’s workout incorporated some new moves I saw on a Men’s Health video. I’m kind of terrible at upper body moves. Derby is so lower body specific, that I feel like a silly T-rex when I’m creating workouts for the arms. I need all the inspiration I can get. So, of course, I bookmarked this video immediately: Today, I incorporated the ballistic… Read more →

Back Squats + Burpees

Here’s a promise I make to you: I will never create a WOD and post it without trying it first. Sometimes I think of an idea, get overly excited and optimistic, and want to share it right away. But I’ll always field test workouts before I put them here, just in case they’re accidentally soul-crushing. Though my workouts draw heavily from Crossfit, I like to put… Read more →

Clean Your Plates: It’s Shoulder Day

I. Love. Cleans. Cleans are my favorite, full-body compound movement. They hit everything, but after a good session, I feel them the most in my shoulders. Especially if I add the “jerk” at the end, and I’m incorporating that more frequently because I want to get more weight overhead. Cleans come in a few varieties, depending on where the bar starts and how you end the movement. I… Read more →

Bench, Please! It’s Chest Day

Why do bench press? I was reluctant for awhile, because my focus has traditionally been on compound lifts, like Olympic lifts, which recruit as many muscles as possible. Bench press seemed so pec-specific, so I wrote it off. But now that I’ve put them in regular rotation, I’m becoming a fan. Mostly, I like how bench press helps me feel stronger when I’m working… Read more →

The Best Days are Deadlift Days

Deadlift days are the best days. Deadlifts make you feel like a boss faster than any other exercise because once you get the hang of it, you can add weight relatively quickly. I once read that deadlifts were originally called the “health lift” because they’re all-around good for you. If you’re new to this lift, read my Deadlift primer. A generally accepted… Read more →

Back Squats then HIIT the legs

Today was back squats. If you don’t know how to do a back squat, watch here or read my back squat primer. Back squats strengthen the posterior chain — including your back and hamstrings. They add some core stability, and when done correctly, can increase flexibility. It’s easier to add more weight to a back squat, when compared to a front squat, so you… Read more →