StrideBooster Review: Week 2

Week 2 in review

Week 2 started off without clear direction. Day 1 was planned out, but then, well, life happened. My mom was checked into the ER on Saturday night for dehydration and other issues. This happens about once a year due to her congestive heart failure. I still managed to get my first Strength workout in on Sunday morning, but I was dragging. (Mom’s better, by the way. Out of the hospital trying to take care of everyone else.) This week is identical to Week 1, with the exception of the Plyo workout. I added heavier weight for all exercises for the first Strength workout.

I had a very eventful Monday by taking my mom to her cardiologist and then driving her the hour back to her home, so Monday became a rest day.

Practice went really well on Tuesday. We usually scrimmage on Tuesdays, so it was good to see how I was going to hold up after a day of rest and a stressful weekend. I think having a break between strength days really helped me this week. I felt strong and prepared. I’m not sure how much of this is from a week’s worth of training and how much was from feeling rested, but I gained a little more confidence this week. Even my jamming seemed better, and I was able to beat through a four-wall from the start!

Wednesday was the bigger challenge. Because Monday was a rest day, I had to figure out how to squeeze in a workout on Wednesday. I have a primary day job, but I have recently started working a second job on Wednesday nights and Sundays. Wednesday is, by far, the longest, most stressful day of the week. I managed to do Strength Workout No. 2 at lunch. Booty Quake recommended a magnesium supplement for my sleep issues, so I started taking two of those horse pills each night. Wednesday night I also foam rolled and stretched, but I still didn’t sleep well. I have always struggled with sleep issues and probably always will, but I am going to continue taking the supplement to see if there is a difference over time.

Thursday was another good practice, and Friday was rest.

Saturday was “I Hate Plyo, Part 2.” I’m actually beginning to enjoy the torture of jumping. This workout included box jumps. I have only ever done 1 box jump in my life, which was a week or so ago just so I could get the feel for the box. For some reason the height of 20 inches scares the crap out of me. Or maybe it’s the thought of falling on my ass or knocking my shins against the box. None of those things happened, and the workout felt really good. I still needed breaks, but I was able to do the entire workout! I’m learning that I have to be really careful with Plyos because the impact jars my previously broken ankle. With a little compression, rest, and elevation (and I’m sure ice if I would actually make me a pack) I’m fine.

Besides restless sleep, another hurdle I faced this week was fueling myself. My derby wife knows me too well because she brought me a banana as post work-out fuel on Wednesday. I live with a chef, and it’s like the second I moved in with her I forgot how to feed myself. If I don’t prepare my meals on the weekend I usually end up eating garbage all week long. I manage to have some fruit or veggies on hand at work for morning and afternoon snacking, but I usually grab lunch at a local restaurant. Dinner is hit or miss. Either dinners are super large, fat and carb laden, or they’re very light leaving me hungry later, which means I end up snacking. I am not sure how to properly feed myself for my work-outs or practices, and I feel like I’m gaining fat (along with some muscle). It’s time for me to figure this stuff out. I’m seriously considering going to a nutritionist.

Week 3 starts tomorrow. I may have to bail on the gym because it’s another very stressful day, and I have heavy enough dumbbells for most of the exercises. I may have to skimp on one of the exercises, but I have too much to do to go to the gym. I may just have to make a sacrifice to get it all in. Will let you know the progress next week!

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