StrideBooster Review, Week 3

Week 3 was doomed before it even began.  So doomed that I’ve done it 1.5 times now.  


Two weeks ago  I woke up with a pain in the neck on Monday that continued off and on all week.  I battled a muscle relaxer Monday, and it kept me in and out of consciousness for 24 hours.  Seriously, it was the best sleep I’ve had since college.  Then I started getting a nagging cough and have just felt generally under the weather.  The only workout I was able to get done was the third Strength workout.


BQ advised me to just do Week 3 all over again.


Last Sunday looked promising, but I still had no fuel in the tank.  Monday I was able to fit in the third Strength workout, which goes a little lighter on the weight but is heavy on the reps.  Seriously, unless I did it wrong there are about 160 side squats.  Overall it felt less taxing but more time-consuming.  Oh, and the final bit of the core was plank to FAILURE!  😈😩😱💩  (For the record, my time during the first week of Week 3 was 1:34, and my time on my second go-round was around 1:15.  I’m not proud.)


The most hateful part of Week 3 is that there are TWO!!! plyo workouts: the stair workout from the first week and the box jump workout from Week 2.  I can’t say I love Plyos, but I’m still seeing the usefulness of them.  


I did the first Plyo workout right before practice on Tuesday. Again, I cut a few sets from this workout, mostly to save time.  I had about an hour between getting home from work and going to practice to get this one done.  I also cut the core part out.  Obviously, to get the greatest benefit one must do all the exercises as prescribed.  However, I knew my time limitations this week and am a believer that something is better than nothing.


Practice was really good on Tuesday, considering I’m still hacking up my lungs and had just finished a Plyo workout.  I felt like I had stronger bursts of power and overall better than I have in the past few weeks at practice.  Maybe this program is working.  Maybe it’s more of a belief in myself.  We’ll see when I complete the roller derby fitness test in three more weeks!



Thursday’s practice wasn’t the greatest.  We did a lot of footwork drills and two-person blocking walls.  I’m so weak in this area, and I don’t know how to improve other than to continue with lifting and just keep at it until I’m better.  I’m fine with a person bracing me, but I’m not so hot when it comes to blocking from plowing, which is definitely not my best stop.  I just roll whenever I’m pushed.  I’m trying to be conscious of dropping my bottom and working on micro-plows, but this is going to take extra time and repetitious work.

My last workout was the second Plyo.  Seriously, I’m getting better at this jumping business!  I actually like the box jump drills and will continue to incorporate more plyometrics after I complete this program.  I’m actually feeling really good about this.  I didn’t have to rest as often or as long between reps.  I think this is working!


Hopefully I’m on the right track and can get all my workouts in from here on out.  I should be starting Week 6, but life happens.  One thing about the Roller Derby Athletic programs is that you have access for longer than the six weeks.  Still excited, and I should be finished right around the time of our next home game.

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