StrideBooster Week 4 Review

Wow, what a whirlwind this program has been! I can’t believe that I only have a couple of weeks left, and I can already tell a difference.  **Even though I am posting late, I have been doing the workouts in a timely manner.  I do have to complete Week 5 again, so I am behind (again) due to illness.

Week 4 starts off with the first strength program. I swear the hardest part of this is getting access to a gym, but I was able to do so last Sunday to get the week started. The StrideBooster warm-up is now second nature. It seems a little long, at least for the strength portion. I know I’m supposed to be fully warmed up before engaging in hard activity, but lifting doesn’t really seem to require that much of a warm-up. If doing this workout outside of the StrideBooster program, I would probably cut the warmup sets in half or somehow shorten the warm-up and would narrow the warm-up focus to the parts of the body that are being worked more. That being said, I would keep the warm-up in its entirety for ALL plyo and agility sections to prevent injury.

Week 4 also incorporates the first plyo (the stair workout) and the first agility workout. In Week 4, I can honestly say that I truly don’t hate plyo workouts as much anymore. The stair workout is my least favorite, probably because my stairs are outside and subject to dirt and neighbors (or dirty neighbors). I still haven’t been able to complete the parts of the workout that require me to jump up every third step. I’ve tried to walk up every third step. My legs are just not long enough. This is probably an excuse, as I’m supposed to be using explosive power to get me there, but I haven’t been able to do it. I modify when possible. I was able to complete the rest of the sets and the core without issue for the first plyo.

I suppose the only other issue I had this week was that I did not have an extra day to fit in the first agility workout, which bummed me out because this is the first time the agility workout makes an appearance in the program. I’ve still been feeling under the weather (I have had a terrible cough for about three weeks that hasn’t improved, even with a visit to the doctor on Tuesday), and we had a game on Saturday. I substituted the game for the agility workout. I had to sacrifice somewhere, and I wasn’t going to sacrifice the reason I’m doing this program in the first place.

Okay, so how do I know that this program is working? For starters, I was chosen as MVP Jammer for the first time in my history of playing (which has been about 9 years now)! In recognition for the work put in by our team’s other jammers, I have to admit that I did not score the most points, but I was lead jammer for every jam except one that I jammed, and I’m pretty sure the other didn’t didn’t score while I was jamming! I normally have issues with scrum starts, but I was able to get out from the very start of the jam and bust through the middle of the wall rather than trying to go to the inside or outside with fancy feet. This was all with achy knees and breathing issues. I can only imagine what I might have done fully rested. Although I worked hard, my body didn’t feel sore (just my lungs).

I’m looking forward to the final test results so this feeling can be quantified! Hopefully by then I will feel 100%. Til next time…

Kitty Kismet has been playing roller derby in Arkansas for nine years. When she’s not working out or at practice, she’s probably looking at cute pictures of animals — usually cows — on Instagram.

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