StrideBooster Week 5 Review (and final StrideBooster post)

So it’s been about a month and a half since my last review of the StrideBooster program. I attempted Week 5 two weeks in a row, and I was still unable to finish the program. I managed to do the strength and agility portions, but that was about all I could fit into my schedule. As far as I got into the program, I can honestly say that I ended up enjoying the Plyo but hating the agility. I think that’s because the Plyo could be done slowly and was geared toward being about controlled, powerful movements. The agility was supposed to be done as quickly as possible and raised the heart rate. I think I would have liked it if the Agility was mixed in earlier in the program rather than the last two weeks. However, I’m an amateur, so I’m sure it was placed exactly where it needed to be in the program.

I was unable to finish the program because my life got pretty hectic all of a sudden. There were weddings and funerals (or just one wedding and one funeral, but as they were back-to-back life was really rough for a bit) and work matters that needed addressing immediately. Normally I would punish myself for not being able to complete a program that I committed to doing, but I’m trying this little thing of forgiving my failures.  Also, I was just plain burned out. Looking back, I have been training for some type of event since August of last year. First, it was State Wars, then a marathon, and then trying to get more play time on our roster. My body and mind needed a rest. I was still tired, even with rest days incorporated into my workouts.

What is so great about this program is that even when life gets in the way, you have extended access beyond the six weeks of training and access to information on the Roller Derby Athletics website. So if you get side-tracked, that’s okay; you can always restart the program or be a couple of weeks behind schedule. I think it took me about 8 weeks to finish 4.5 weeks. No one is perfect, but consistent effort will yield results. I recently read a blog post by Booty Quake, which breaks the concept down of gaining at a slow rate.  I can’t wrap my head around the math all that much, but I get the point.  I’ll just drop it right here if anyone wants to check it out.

Would I do another Roller Derby Athletics program?  Absolutely!  I feel stronger due to the strength training.  I feel powerful because of the plyometrics.  I even want to build my own box!  However, I needed (and still need) a break.  Not a long one, though.  But at this point in my life I would like to incorporate a little more cardio for weight loss and yoga for my mental health.  All these things are necessary for balance. So if anyone has recommendations on how to get more zen, let me know in the comments!

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