Sweet 16 WOD: Upper Body

I’m not the best at upper body day, but to be honest, I don’t see many ladies doing bench press at all, so I have no standard of reference for that. The other day, while I was lifting 85 lbs, the personal trainer in my gym commented on how heavy it was. But I felt like it wasn’t much at all compared to where I WANT to be. So, I get confused.

I created this Sweet 16 WOD in the Crossfit style. You can scale it to fit your needs. The more weight you add, the harder it will be.
Use less weight and go faster to get your heart rate up. Or challenge yourself with more weight and perform the moves more slowly.
I usually add a 10-lb plate, but today I went with 15. Those with a stronger upper body might opt for 25 lbs or even 35 lbs.
Next time I will go 10 lbs heavier on the high pulls. They seemed too easy.

Difficulty rating: 6 to 8, depending on the weights you choose.


arm circles
10 halos each direction
10 each thoracic rotations
chin-ups or chin-up practice
handstand practice – try to hold for 30 seconds


65 x 5
85 x 3
85 x 3


16 barbell rows – 50 lbs
16 (total) landmine one-arm press (15 lbs on barbel)
16 (total) landmine one-arm row (15 lbs on barbel)
16 tricep pullovers (15 lbs)
16 kettlebell high pull (or 25 lb dumbbell)
time: 16:17


10 pilates ball roll-ins – plank with feet on ball, roll ball in, bring knees to chest
10 decline situps – used situp couch thing

Treadmill 20 minutes: speed 3.5 incline 3.0 distance: 1.18 miles

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